Great destinations, staff who truly care about your trip, local connections, community focus and of course local expertise. That’s Us. Beyond Unique Escapes is here to make sure you have an amazing adventure in Siem Reap, across Cambodia and beyond.


A local team of expert guides and staff are led by our owners from Cambodia and Australia. Our shared ownership means we bring a wealth of local knowledge and expertise as well as an understanding of our customer’s needs & expectations. We are all hands on and so you are likely to meet at least one of us during your trip.

We specialise in helping you make the most out of your adventure. Whether you are after a tailored trip, a private package or a small group tour we can help. We also offer a range of specialty packages like photographic or culinary tours. Our team are experienced in delivering great trips and packages for individuals, groups, students or corporations.

We are not just another tour company, touting for customers and following the same well-worn paths. We seek out new and interesting destinations. We work with local communities to benefit both the visitor and the local community. Beyond is a small company with part Khmer ownership and an amazing Khmer team. We help develop people no matter their beginnings and enable them to show off their amazing country.


Beyond officially opened its office doors in March 2008, but our origins start 11 years ago when Australian couple Fiona and Anthony moved to Cambodia. With a passion for developing local capacity and skills, in the years that followed two young and extremely hard working people joined their team.

Sreah Leak first started with us at our guesthouse as a dishwasher but quickly applied herself to learning English and new skills, Lim came a few years later a young aspiring guide who wanted to learn more. Falling in love and getting married they are now partners in Beyond and instrumental in providing the genuine cultural experiences that Beyond offers.



Beyond Unique Escapes can be found on the corner of Sivutha and Pub Street Siem Reap. Whether you wander in and chat with our friendly team or email us we are more than happy to help you make the most out of your explorations.

From our beginnings as Siem Reap specialists we have now expanded our operations across all of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, aided by our wholly owned subsidiary Mango Escapes.

Offering responsible tours that work to benefit local communities and enhance Cambodia we offer discerning travellers truly genuine and unique experiences.


  • From short cycling trips to cooking classes
  • Day tours
  • Private temple touring
  • Small group tours
  • Tailored packages
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Student group trips


  • To have adventures but in safety and comfort – not too risky but still exciting and intriguing.
  • To make a real connection with local people, chatting to them about their lives and really getting to understand their culture and lifestyle.
  • Not to feel “packaged” – and to (sometimes) be the only vehicle in the car park!
  • To learn about the culture, history and politics of the country and its people.
  • To sample local cuisine that has been hygienically prepared and adapted to the western palate (no claw or beak in the chicken curry!)
  • To enjoy a wide variety of experiences and see things that are not on the normal tourist trail.
  • To stay (where possible) in comfortable, individual boutique accommodation rather than large, impersonal hotels.
  • To have opportunities to be hands-on, to actually try their hands at some of the things the locals do such as harvesting rice or riding an ox cart.
  • To minimize our impacts on the environment by making choices that reduce waste, use reusable or environmentally friendly packaging.
  • To use trusted partners that respect their local staff and operate ethically and responsibly.
  • To refuse corruption and scams and educate visitors so they can make informed choices.

HUSK Cambodia


Our team at Beyond are an amazing group of people. Each person brings different strengths and experiences, but importantly everyone has a passion for sharing their country and helping visitors experience the best of Siem Reap. Beyond is co–owned by an Australian couple and a Khmer couple Lim and Sreah Leak.

Below is some information on our some of our main guides and managers:

Mr. Lim
Owner & Active Guide

Lim became an English speaking tour guide in 2004. Lim struggled to become a guide as he was only able to finish Grade 9 of his village secondary school. Lim’s homeland is 75 km away from Siem Reap city. When he was 16 years old, while helping his parents in the fields he saw his friend talking to some foreigners. He asked his friend what language they spoke and where to learn it?? After his friends told him he immediately started learning English in his homeland.

Lim then moved to Siem Reap city to stay with monks in a pagoda to study more English. Later when the Ministry of Tourism selected guides Lim sat the examination and passed. He worked as freelance tour guide for 2 years and from then on as a contracted guide with The Villa Siem Reap and Sojourn Boutique Hotel owned by Fiona and Anthony, who are also owners of Beyond. It was during this time that Lim learnt that being a guide was more about bringing his country and the temples to life that just simply telling the facts.

Today Lim is truly one of the best guides in Siem Reap. His friendly nature, ability to relate to people from all walks of life and his passion for Cambodia make him a wonderful guide.

Sreah Leak

Sreah Leak is from Siem Reap province and like for most girls in Cambodia her life meant a lot of hard work from a very young age. At ten years of age Sreah Leak’s family separated and from then on she grew up with her grandparents and later Aunt and Uncle. Sreah Leak joined our team five years ago. At this time she had little English or confidence but an amazing work ethic. Over the last 5 years she has worked her way up from a dishwasher to a Hotel Manager.

She put herself through secondary school and university and now holds a Bachelor of Accounting. Sreah Leak has worked hard to become fluent in English and throughout the time she studied she has worked full time and been a full time career for her grandmother. Sreah Leak is passionate about showing people her country and sharing her knowledge with them.

Sreah Leak works behind the scenes at Beyond but also conducts cooking classes showing off her skills in the kitchen. We are extremely proud of Sreah Leak and know anyone is very lucky when she is part of making their holiday a success.